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It felt good when he smiled. :D

It felt good when he smiled. :D

Day 21: Happy Birthday Nene! :D

Yehey! Fast forward to August 2, 2010. It’s Nene’s 21st birthday. :) It’s his debut. We were supposed to be on leave today, but due to some technical problems we had to go to work. haha :D Nene has training, and I just started in my new job recently. :) So I decided to go to him instead.

I wasn’t successful in really really surprising him. I’m not good with giving surprises. Haha I was texting him the whole time to make sure I won’t have a hard time meeting with him to give him my present. So somehow, he knew that I’m going to do something for him. And I did one silly thing. Haha I asked him to bring his camera, so it’s already a hint. :-j

Anyways, I still feel good about what I did. Especially when I saw how Nene smiled. <3 Kilig and heart-melting. :D

I’ve completed 21 days of blogging about our story. Our fairytale doesn’t end here. I’m still thinking if I could probably continue writing in this blog whenever there’s some special event or interesting experience Nene and I would have. :D

Happy Birthday Hon! I love you. :)

Day 20: and the story goes on…

After we became “us”, nothing much has changed. We just have the title, and we say i love you to each other occasionally. Haha I requested that we should only say those three words sometimes, so that it won’t lose its meaning. Say it and mean it. :)

I went to Nene’s grad practice in October 2009. If there’s a stage mother, there’s also a “stage girlfriend” hahaha :P But, of course, I also went there, because I have other friends who were graduating. hehe :)

For his graduation present, I gave him a pikachu stufftoy. It’s Nene’s fave pokemon. And he actually requested for that one. I spoil him. Really. hahaha :))

To celebrate his graduation, we went to Star City with some friends. And then we went to his house to hang-out. Alcohol party!! wuhooo. That’s the first time I met his dad, and it’s also the first time he introduced me as his girlfriend. <3 Kilig. :”>

And then on the night of Kev and Kat’s grad celeb, there’s a typhoon. I don’t know if it’s Ondoy. Haha So we drove from BF to Muntinlupa (back and forth), and we spent the night at Nene’s house. :) Typhoon. Brown-out. Us! :)

Day 19: Kami na! :)

Almost one year of fling. Fling! Since when do flings last long? Hahaha In Nene’s and my world, flings last for almost a year. :-j But then things got more difficult. Di naman ako bato noh! There where some emotions that got out of control. Until one day, all the emotions piled up, and I exploded. So Nene and I fought. I was saying “ayoko na”. It’s like I’m breaking up with him even before we got into a relationship. I know we said some harsh words. Those “personal issues” we had slowly revealed.

At first I really don’t want to have “the talk” anymore. And Nene was even pissed, because of the irrational things I said. Good thing we agreed to see each other. So on Shar’s b-day, we had a get together at Deer Hunter. I was really trembling. I was so nervous. And of course it was awkward to see him again.

Egay would even tease us. When I came, he made me sit beside Nene. Waaa… But we’re very civil. Nene was even putting ice on my glass of beer. So they were teasing us even more. I really had to drink first before we talk, because I’m scared. :)) It’s not like Nene’s going to eat me. Hahaha :D

And then when we talked, the mood changed. Nene was explaining himself. And it was like he’s angry while he’s explaining things to me. He said that he has been thinking about what ifs like what if we became “us”. But he’s scared, etc. The romantic part was while we’re talking, it was drizzling. hehe So it’s like we’re talking under the rain. <3 hahaha wala lang. :-j

And then we agreed to take a risk. Indeed, we made the right decision. :D Nene was like: “(angry) blah blah blah.” and then… “(happy) so tayo na?” With a boyish pa-cute smile. :)) kilig. haha :D I’m so happy. :”> Our anniversary is on September 9, 2009. My fave number. :)

(Trivia: I’m writing this blog on my birthday. n_n)

Mukhang na-rape after eating plenty of Bulalo in Tagaytay. :D

Mukhang na-rape after eating plenty of Bulalo in Tagaytay. :D

Birthday celebs. Mukhang basang sisiw. hahaha so wet. Pawis and ulan yan :))

Birthday celebs. Mukhang basang sisiw. hahaha so wet. Pawis and ulan yan :))

Day 18: Happy Birthday to us!

Truth is I’m two days older than Nene. :( hahaha I was born on July 31 and he was born on August 2. Cute fact is we were both born in the same hospital, Chinese General Hospital. Yikee, it’s koreanovela-ish isn’t it? hahaha :D

Last year, we had a joint party at Nene’s house. It was the first time I went to their house. That was an awesome night. It was raining. And we’re almost soaked in sweat and the rain. hahaha We had our friends come over. There were lots of food, because it’s also the birthday of Nene’s mom, August 1. We had a lot of drinks. And, of course, there’s videoke. <3

Then Nene sang Wonderful Tonight. :”> So kiliggg. I took a video of that song. It’s in fb and with Nene. hahaha “you just don’t realize how much I love you…” <3 yihee.

The following day, Nene and I went to Tagaytay. And we ate Bulalo at Antonio’s grill. We felt like we’re being punished, because we forced ourselves to finish all the Bulalo. And there’s just too much for two people. Hahahah :-j

Day 17: meet the parents… uhh medyo lang

I had my grad celebration in July last year. Actually the night before my celeb, we went to Ads’s birthday bash in her house. And then Nene had to go to another friend’s celebration as well. So the next day, I called him and I remember demanding that he should come to my house, because my grad celeb was, of course, a once in a lifetime event. Haha We’re still not together during that time btw. :D

So he met my parents and some family members before we even had a real relationship. It’s quite awkward. Hahaha It’s my first time to actually introduce someone at home. Yikee! <3 Nene is my first bf. Hahaha No buts! :P Peace! (I hope no one gets angry at me for what I said hahaha) Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of him when he first came here.

Day 16: more and more lakwatsa

Our first “horror film” (kuno) was Drag Me To Hell. I would cover my eyes, and Nene would try to get my hands off my face. He even laughed at me for being scared. Hahaha But I’m not scared, I’m just magugulatin. Chos! Hahaha And while I’m so busy covering my eyes and my ears (so that I won’t get scared), Nene was just there sitting, watching like we’re just watching a normal film. And he even seemed like he’s bored. Hahaha Mainstream horror films don’t really appeal to him. Like for example, when we watched Nightmare At Elm Street, I was so scared already; but it was nothing to him. :-j Beware of Nene. He likes gore films. And he can get violent. x_x kidding! :D

We also love music. And Nene’s music is Metal. Hindi halata noh? Hahaha That was my reaction when I first found out. :D It’s a cool thing. And I’ve already listened to some his music before. I like experiencing and exploring his interests really, but not on the sooo sooo techie stuff, I guess. Hahaha But I just like doing new things with him, so that we could do stuff together.:)

In June 2009 last year, we went to the album launch of Eternal Now. Really cool band. Metal is not all noise. Maybe, one just has to really put so much attention to appreciate it. I did. But I prefer to listen to this kind of music in live performances. Hehehe :) Oh! We were able to go to this event, because of Nene’s friend, Sarah. Real nice and sweet girl. We call each other “girl”. Hahaha funny.

After the gig, we went to Jecca’s place in Eastwood. And then on the following day, we had a get together (my girlfriends and Nene’s barkada). So we played billiards etc. Activities for not-so-young and not-yet-old people like us. :))

We’re just so lakwatsero aren’t we? Hahaha We’re everywhere. :P

Di nauubos ang aming mga kalokohan. :)) When I&#8217;m with Nene, I&#8217;m not afraid to be me. &lt;3

Di nauubos ang aming mga kalokohan. :)) When I’m with Nene, I’m not afraid to be me. <3